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Kimberly grew up in the buying and selling industry. Her parents were in the business for 30 years, and she would often work alongside them. Kimberly helped her parents around the store, learning how to buy items at wholesale prices and then selling them below retail price so people always got a great deal! Later on, she went off to college to study criminal justice and law because she knew she wanted to help people, but realized her passion was always in buying and selling.

Kimberly was fascinated with jewelry, so she made that the main focus of her business. She began buying and selling gold, while also taking time to learn more about diamonds and designer watches.

Even though Kimberly had the knowledge of buying and selling from her parents, she studied more in-depth about the purity and percentages of each karate gold and silver had in them. She had the confidence she would always give the best price when buying items from her customers from her experience. Once she finished college, she then went off to get her license to be a pawnbroker so she could help people in their time of need. When people were struggling and did not want to sell their items they were able to get a collateral loan.

Jake, her husband, is a carpenter and is always good at working with his hands. He soon decided to take his talents to the next level and sit down on a bench with an older jeweler to learn how to design and repair jewelry. With both of them working with passion and dedication together, they make the perfect team!

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